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Resilience coaching for wellbeing

I was delighted to see my article on Resilience Coaching for your wellbeing in the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s magazine ‘The Wellness Room’ in July 2022! @fht_media.

Resilience coaching article by Lisa Kossuth in the magazine for the Federation of Holistic Therapists
Resilience coaching for your wellbeing

Here is an excerpt from this article; One of my clients, Sara*, wanted to find ways to manage her time better so that she could work, but also have some regular time for herself. She also wanted to look at ways to manage her long-term health conditions and improve her health generally. Twelve years ago, Sara was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, among other things, and had to give up work. Since she has become self-employed she finds it hard juggling working from home, as well as doing housework and taking care of her family. She was always extremely tired and sore towards the end of the day, leaving her with no energy to do the things she loves – leaving her both exhausted and emotional.

Through Resilience Coaching, she was able to challenge her mindset, noticing behavioural patterns that weren’t serving her well. After a few sessions, Sara was left feeling increasingly motivated. Her sleep improved, her energy levels went up and she was accomplishing a lot more than before, and still had some energy at the end of the day to enjoy family life.’

“I finished the sessions feeling more positive and certainly feeling like I had a much better outlook on life. Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to Resilience Coaching. I am sure the benefits of these sessions and the relaxation techniques you taught me will continue to improve my health (and timekeeping issues) as I go forward.” – Sara* (name changed for confidentiality)

Lisa Kossuth is a professional Bowen Technique therapist and Resilience Coach based in Northiam, Nr Rye, East Sussex. You can contact her at

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