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Man jumping, Bowen therapy for back pain, Lisa Kossuth Cert ECBS, MFHT,  The Bowen Technique and Resilience coaching

The Bowen Technique

Lisa’s interventions focus on relieving tense and painful muscles, particularly in the back, neck, and shoulders, which can impact your daily life. Using the Bowen Technique, a soft tissue therapy, she employs gentle, non-invasive rolling-type movements to send signals to the brain via the nervous system. These signals promote relaxation and realignment, activating the body’s natural healing processes. Acute pain often improves within one to two sessions, while chronic pain may require additional treatments.

In addition to Bowen therapy, Lisa offers Reiki, Bach Flower remedies and resilience coaching, tailored to your unique needs. She’ll also provide self-care advice as needed.

Some of the symptoms which have been reported to respond to Bowen therapy​

  • Back pain

  • Colic

  • Digestive Issues

  • Dyspraxia

  • Elbow pain

  • Hamstrings problems

  • Hay Fever

  • Headache/Migraine

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Jaw Problems

  • Neck Pain

  • Pregnancy & Fertility Issues

  • Respiratory Conditions

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder Restriction

  • Sleep Issues

  • Sports Injuries

After a couple of sessions of Bowen I noticed significant differences in my mobility in the problem areas. ~ Kate 


The Bowen Technique 

Tom Bowen (1916 - 1982) developed The Bowen Technique in Australia. His interest and studies of the human muscular structure led him to develop this gentle bodywork technique. As a result of this, he went onto run a very busy clinic in Geelong, Australia.


The Bowen Technique arrived in the UK in 1993 and since then it has spread around the world and thousands of people have discovered the benefits of Bowen.


Bowen therapy is a remedial hands-on soft tissue therapy performed through light clothing. It involves a series of rolling-type moves over the skin at precise points on the body using gentle pressure which can be adapted to suit the individual but deep prolonged pressure is not used. 


These moves are designed to disturb the underlying fascia, muscle and organs. Between sets of moves, there are short pauses or 'breaks' to allow the nervous system to gather information so that the body can start to make the necessary adjustments to re-align and re-balance as well as stimulate its natural healing abilities.

Bowen is most often used for the management of soft tissue and joint pain such as back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. It is often equally useful for stress management and general health maintenance as it is deeply relaxing and re-balancing to both the body and mind. A common side effect of Bowen is an improvement in sleep. 

Change is often observed within 1-3 sessions, although chronic conditions may require further sessions. It is suitable for all ages and types from newborns to the elderly. Bowen is usually performed with the client lying down but it can also be given seated or lying on one side.

 We wanted to say how amazed we are at how we’ve been  since having  Bowen therapy with you. I cannot thank you enough, my back is so very much better!  - Emma

Lisa Kossuth, The Bowen Technique and Resilience coaching - Bowen therapy for back, shoulder and neck pain

The Bowen Technique 
60 minutes - £55 
30 minutes - £35
Under 16 yrs - £40 
Babies under 12 months - Free 


Bach Flower Remedies


This is a lovely therapy and ideal if you are feeling anxious, stressed and tired as it provides deep relaxation. It has become very popular with all ages over the years due to its grounding and non-invasive character.

The Japanese word Reiki is usually translated as 'universal life energy', and the idea is that energy or 'chi' flows freely through all living things in our world, including the human body.


Reiki is safe and gentle, and uses chi which is channelled through the practitioner to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.


When we are in poor health the energy may not be as free-flowing, and Reiki may help to clear these blockages in a person's energy field, kick starting that natural process to self-heal, promoting better health and well-being.

  • Increased energy levels

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief

  • Promotes Positive Mindset

  • Mental Clarity

  • Sleep Improvement

Conditions that Reiki may help with

Lisa Kossuth, Bach flower remedies, Reiki, Bowen therapy, Resilience coaching in East Sussex

The term 'Flower Remedy' refers to the products developed by Dr Edward Bach, a London bacteriologist and homeopath in the 1930s. With 38 remedies available that can be mixed, there are a huge amount of possible combinations to uplift the emotions, and encourage a more positive lifestyle. Rescue Remedy is one blend that is familiar to many of us. 


Dr Bach became disillusioned with the side-effects of drug therapies, and turned his research to the healing power of nature. He believed that illness was a result of mental or emotional imbalance, and that the unique energetic property of a plant could be used to rectify an imbalance and restore the awareness of wholeness. During your consultation with me, we will discuss remedies to help you; the remedies will then be provided in a mixer bottle and sent

to you.

  • Fear

  • Loneliness

  • Despondency

  • Despair

  • Over-sensitivity to influence and ideas

  • Over-concern for the welfare of others

  • Uncertainty

  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Conditions that Bach Flowers may help with

Reiki sessions
60 minutes - £55
30 minutes £35

Lisa Kossuth qualified with the college of Bowen studies, The Bowen Technique and Resilience coaching

Bach Flower Remedies consultation
60 mins - £60
(incl remedies posted to you)

Lisa Kossuth is a full member of the Federation of holistic therapists,Bowen therapy, resilience coaching

The small print

I am fully insured and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT), The College of Bowen Studies and The Body Rewired (TBR), and I continue my professional development on a regular basis.


I also continue to implement all Covid safety measures for your protection as well as mine. I have received both covid jabs as well as the booster vaccination.

Please note: The Bowen Technique and other complementary therapies do not replace conventional medicine, and you should always seek the advice of your GP. Complementary therapists do not diagnose, nor do they prescribe or alter medication. They may, however, advise clients to be regularly assessed by their doctor in case their medication dose needs to be adjusted.

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