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Client Stories

Below are a few stories of how my therapy or coaching have impacted clients. These cover both The Bowen Technique and Resilience Coaching.

Bowen Stories

After physiotherapy slowed, Bowen effected a marked change after only three weeks

"After a severe accident that left both my legs badly bruised, I had two months of physiotherapy, which helped enormously. After two months I

felt that healing had slowed noticeably and, being the impatient kind, I thought I would try Bowen. What I liked about Bowen when I heard about

it was the holistic approach and the idea that the therapy stimulates the

body to heal itself rather than provide external solutions. After three weekly sessions I feel that a marked change had taken place. I no longer had to

take anti-inflammatories and I felt that healing was progressing more

quickly. Mobility was enhanced and pain reduced. The treatments themselves were calm and relaxing and actually something to look

forward to, as they seemed to ‘earth’ me and gently flick switches in me.

I would definitely recommend Bowen." Nick 

Client testimonials, bowen therapy for muscle and joint paint in East Sussex
client testimonials, bowen therapy for muscle and joint pain in East Sussex

Since starting Bowen I have been almost completely free of symptoms

Jo was in her 40’s when I first saw her and she had had been suffering with low back pain for years due to damage done in her twenties. She also suffered with intermittent pain in her neck following a whiplash injury.

“I have tried various therapies, including different physiotherapists, osteopaths and an acupuncurist, with little success. Having been very cynical about complementary therapies, I would like to say how happily surprised I have been by how successful Bowen has proved for me. Since starting a course of Bowen with Lisa, I have been almost completely clear of symptoms and when I start to feel a twinge, I visit for a top up and the Bowen seems to keep problems at bay. Amazing! I would thoroughly recommend your practice."

After a few sessions of Bowen Therapy, the Sciatica gradually disappeared with only the odd niggle now and then

When Bea came to me she was suffering with painful Sciatica and was very tired as she found it painful turning over in bed. She was taking painkillers both during the day and at night. Due to other health issues, including Asthma, she was also suffering with general aches and pains.

“I originally went to Lisa for the Sciatica pain and was really pleased to see the symptoms gradually disappear between the 1st and 3rd sessions. I then had a fall on holiday after my third treatment, which set me back a bit, but another couple of treatments and the Sciatica gradually disappeared again with the only odd niggle now and then. Due to other health issues, including Asthma, I have continued with regular top-up treatments of Bowen every month or so. This keeps me feeling more comfortable generally, it keeps my energy levels up and especially seems to help keep the Asthma under control. I find Bowen very relaxing and I find great benefit from the treatment."

client testimonials, bowen therapy for muscle and joint pain in east sussex
Coaching Stories

Resilience coaching

Lisa is helpful, not pushy, and shows she cares about what you are saying

Gaby needed help focussing on actions that would help to improve her mental health and well being as she was working long hours. She had already improved her eating habits, had made some other personal changes in her life that were more aligned to where she wanted to be, but she was still coming home exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. We explored her list of things she wants to do and what might be causing her to keep putting them off. By looking at her mindset she was able to see why she was feeling so overwhelmed, leading to procrastinating. After a couple of sessions, she noticed an increase in self-confidence and joy in life again and had made great progress in starting the projects on her list. She was feeling a renewed sense of motivation and energy.

“Lisa is a warm, friendly and easy to talk to. She isn’t judgmental and shows she cares about what you are saying with kindness and interest. She is helpful, not pushy and it was fun to learn more about myself with her help.”

client testimonials, Lisa Kossuth, The Bowen Technique, Resilience coaching in East Sussex
client testimonials, Lisa Kossuth, The Bowen Technique, Resilience coaching in East Sussex

Lisa struck a good balance between listening and responding, and providing positive challenges

John was a social worker and looking to find an activity that would provide purpose, satisfaction and a sense of being valued. He wasn’t sure if this should be work-related or not. The majority of his working life had been with health or social service employers, predominantly in the field of mental health but over the last year he was no longer finding the work as satisfying. 

During  the coaching sessions John explored how he might establish more meaningful opportunities in his life and he was soon able to set some goals  into motion.

“I found Lisa struck a good balance between listening and responding; she gave positive challenges without being critical, and provided suggestions without being prescriptive. I felt I had ample scope to explore how I might establish more meaningful opportunity in my life and had been encouraged to consider a portfolio approach to doing so. Lisa has a warm, encouraging and supportive style which facilitates open discussion.”

I finished the sessions more positive and with a much better outlook on life.

Sara wanted to find ways to manage her time better between work and herself, as well as look at ways to manage her long-term health conditions. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago and had since become self-employed, but found it hard juggling working from home as well as doing the chores and taking care of the family; she was always extremely tired and sore towards the end of the day, leaving her no energy. Through coaching she was able to challenge her own mindset, noticing behaviorial patterns that weren’t serving her well and finding ways to manage her days better, making her own health a priority. After a few sessions, she was feeling increasingly motivated, her sleep improved, her energy levels went up and she was acclomplishing a lot more than before, and still had energy at the end of the day to enjoy family life.

“Lisa is very easy to talk to; she is patient and non-judgemental and really helps you to explore how to make changes and find solutions. I finished the sessions feeling more positive and certainly feeling like I had a much better outlook on life.Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to Resilience Coaching. I am sure the benefits of these sessions and the relaxation techniques you taught me will continue to improve my health (and time-keeping issues).”

Client testimonials, Lisa KossuthLisa Kossuth, The Bowen Technique, Resilience coaching in east sussex
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