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Updated: Jan 26

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep at night, are you aware of how you think and talk about yourself? This subject often comes up in resilience coaching sessions and it is crucial to understand what is going on here as it does affect our health and wellbeing. How we think and talk about ourselves and the language we use is very powerful and plays an important part in the choices we make in life too.

Resilience coaching for health and wellbeing with Lisa Kossuth based in East Sussex
The power of the word STOP

A Resilience coaching session can help us to bring awareness to our stream of thoughts throughout the day and we may be surprised at how unkind and negative we are towards ourselves. Bringing awareness to the stories we tell ourselves is an important first step to creating change.

Through Resilience coaching you are given the space to explore different ways to start working on more self-compassion and kindness into your daily life. One self-help technique I often recommend is to start using the word STOP in our heads when we realise we are telling ourselves stories that are unhelpful.

By staying curious about our negative thoughts, we are showing ourselves kindness and compassion and this enables us to start challenging these thoughts and to look at reframing them to something that serves us better.

Reducing the negative noise in our heads leaves room for more positivity, which raises our self-esteem and builds on our resilience. It takes practice and consistency and that is where resilience coaching can help you get started and keep you on track.

Take care,


Lisa Kossuth Cert ECBS, MFHT is a professional Resilience coach and Bowen Technique therapist and works from her home clinic in Northiam, Nr Rye, East Sussex

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  • Writer's pictureLisa Kossuth

As a Bowen Technique therapist and resilience coach, I will be offering tips and ideas on improving and supporting your health and wellbeing.

health and wellbeing tips bowen therapist resilience coach lisa kossuth
Are you looking to feel healthy and resilient?

First of all, a quick introduction. I have been a professional Bowen therapist for 15 years and have been a soft tissue therapist for over 17 years. I originally trained in holistic Swedish body massage, Indian head massage, Slavic massage, Reiki, Bach flower remedies and then in more recent years, resilience coaching.

Many clients who come to me for Bowen therapy have stayed with me for over ten years, so they continue to remain active and enjoy a richer quality of life. A big part of the treatment is also listening to the client as well as sharing thoughts and ideas around their health and wellbeing which might support their recovery.

We all suffer with aches and pains in our joints and muscles at some point in our lives often due to posture, injury, stress, health conditions, the menopause and more recently due to long Covid. If we ignore them, it can negatively affect our desired lifestyle, our loved ones and our work-life balance leading to potential further complications in the future.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I hit my 40's but most likely it started when I was just 19 years old with persistent neck, shoulder, back pain, brain fog and fatigue with no apparent cause. My journey to recovery began with using various alternative therapies for a couple of decades but it was particularly when I started a course of sessions with a Bowen Technique therapist that I started to see a bigger shift towards more energy and less pain. I then went onto to train with the College of Bowen Studies now based in Suffolk.

I am great believer that no one treatment fixes everything and exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, creating a better work-life balance and building healthier relationships definitely all played a part towards my recovery.

However, I still believe that Bowen therapy gave me the energy and motivation to shift towards improving all areas of my life. With the added knock of a radical hysterectomy in my late 40's, I have had to use everything I know to manage the symptoms of sudden menopause as well and I don't always get it right but I do know how and who to ask for help. I also feel fortunate that Bowen therapy is always there to give me some instant relief from pain and fatigue so I can enjoy life, work, family and friends.

Isn't that all we want? to live our lives with health and resilience in the best way we can?

Every one of us has our own unique experience and and so what works for one, won't work for all. With my experience working with soft tissue as a former holistic massage therapist and now working as a Bowen therapist, Reiki practitioner, with Bach flower remedies and as a resilience coach, I will share tips, ideas or information on things that have worked for me or people that I know. It is never too late!

Have a great day.

Lisa x

Lisa Kossuth Cert ECBS, MFHT is a professional Bowen Technique therapist and resilience coach based in Northiam, Nr Rye, East Sussex.. You can contact her at

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