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Welcome to Lisa’s Bowen Therapy Practice!

With over 15 years of experience as a dedicated Bowen therapist, Lisa has been helping individuals move out of pain and feel better. Her passion lies in fostering enduring connections with clients who have remained loyal for over a decade. These long-term clients often continue to lead active, vibrant lives and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Why suffer in silence? Aches and pains—whether in your back, neck, or shoulders—are common experiences. They can stem from posture, injuries, stress, health conditions, menopause, and even long Covid. Ignoring them can impact not only your well-being but also your relationships and work-life balance.

Take action today! Reach out to Lisa and discover how her expertise can enhance your life. Don’t let discomfort hold you back—prioritize your health and happiness.

Lisa Kossuth Cert ECBS, MFHT, Bowen therapist, Resilience Coach in Northiam, Rye, East Sussex
Person on the beach, feel good with Bowen therapy in East Sussex

Bowen therapy (also known as The Bowen Technique) and Resilience coaching are increasingly popular resources nowadays as more and more people are seeking more natural ways alongside conventional medicine to improve their health and wellbeing.


Bowen is a soft tissue therapy that focusses on muscle, ligament and tendon issues and clients often report noticeable reductions in pain, stress and anxiety and a sense of improved well-being and general positivity towards life.


Resilience coaching improves our sense of wellbeing, giving you the tools to make the changes that support you better, whether small or big. 


Lisa will deliver a personalized plan for you.  Whether it's helping you with pain, tension or stress associated symptoms or by guiding you towards building more resilience to deal with life's challenges ~ you’ve come to the right place.

Lisa Kossuth qualified as a Bowen therapist with the College of Bowen Studies
Lisa Kossuth is a full member of the Federation of holistic therapists

I am fully insured and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT), The College of Bowen Studies and The Body Rewired (TBR) and I continue my professional development on a regular basis.


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