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14th June 2022
Those days when you are feeling blah...

Looking after your lymphatic system

Bowen Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system which runs throughout our bodies. Its gentle movements encourage both flow and drainage and helps with the removal of toxins and re-absorption of inflammation and oedema within our bodies. Another great reason to choose Bowen Therapy for your self-care and wellbeing.


Thought of the day...

'The vitality of all people inevitably comes from their peace of mind. When anxious, you lose this guiding thread. When angry, you lose this basic point.'


 ~Nei-Yeh, around the 4th century BCE ~


Wishing you a peaceful week ahead. Lisa

Trouble sleeping? 

An evening warm foot bath with Epsom salts for 20 mins followed by slapping each foot lightly using a cupped hand and then ending with a short soothing foot massage is great for inducing a good nights sleep.

Take care,


A quote that resonated today...

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”~ Robert Morley ~


This is something that many of us struggle with at times in our lives and if we pay attention to our thoughts we often realise that there is a lot of negative self-talk going on in there that keeps us down.


However, through bringing awareness to this, we can start to address this pattern and when you start to love yourself, you start to fill your own cup because you realise you value you and your life. By creating a good self-care practice you may notice your energy and joy increase and you procrastinate less and do more things that you love to do. Loving yourself first also has a positive impact on your relationships as well.


If you are ready to create change and new healthier habits in your life, Resilience coaching could be the next step for you to support and guide you through this process. Call me for a chat to find out more.


Have a great day


Thought of the day...

'If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing'. ~ Marc Chagall

This resonated recently when I was taking some time at the weekend to create a new painting. I realised that it always goes so much better when I do it according to what I feel is right for me rather than what I think or believe others expect or want of me.

It is a trap we all fall into at times and it is worth watching your thoughts if you are undertaking various tasks in your day that constantly leave you feeling a sense of overwhelm, drained of energy and even procrastinating over certain areas of your lifeWho are you doing it for? You or what you believe others expect of you? Or something else?

Resilience coaching can give you some real clarity on problem areas in your life and where they are coming from and support you to take steps that serve you better so you feel more positive and energised going forwards.



Do something nice for yourself.. 


 A gentle reminder to all of us... It is time to do something nice for yourself for 10 mins a day every day. It is not selfish to do this, it is self-care. By showing some kindness and love to yourself, it will boost your sense of wellbeing as it makes us feel more positive about the world around us and about ourselves. By filling your own cup first, you are then able to fill other’s around you without feeling so drained and then everyone will benefit. This could look like sitting in the morning sunshine, some breathwork, relaxing with your pet, reading your favourite book, a walk in nature, listening to a podcast or some music, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee – anything that brings you a little joy. Enjoy your week!



The power of 'calm'

Looking for peace and tranquillity? Time out to relax your nervous system? Bowen will do all this and more. The light touches of Bowen in a warm, sympathetic environment will help you relax and let your thoughts drift. The pauses in the treatment, designed to let your body catch up with the therapy, are also great moments for the mind.

Common symptoms that I am treating at the moment are neck and back pain. Why not book a session with me today? You can book one session at a time or book one of my packages which offer you a great discount. Don't wait till time looks after you - look after yourself now.


The power of the word STOP 

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep at night, are you aware of how you think and talk about yourself? It is not the first time I have mentioned this subject but it is crucial to our wellbeing. How we think and talk about ourselves and the language we use is very powerful and plays an important part in the choices we make in life.

If we bring awareness to our stream of thoughts throughout the day, we may be surprised at how unkind we are to ourselves. Bringing awareness to the stories we tell ourselves is an important first step to creating change. There are many techniques we can then use to start working on more self-compassion and kindness to ourselves and one I find useful is using the word STOP in my head or even aloud (when alone ;-)) when I catch myself telling stories that don't serve me well. Also staying curious about our negative thoughts and challenging them is a great way to start changing this pattern too.

Reducing the negative noise in our heads leaves room for more positivity, which will raise our self-esteem and builds on our resilience. It takes practice and consistency and that is where coaching can help you get started and keep you on track. Call me if you want to know how I can help you. 

Resilience Coaching for Wellbeing 

Delighted to see my article on Resilience Coaching for your wellbeing in the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s magazine ‘The Wellness Room’ in July 2022! @fht_media.

Here is an excerpt from this article; One of my clients, Sara*, wanted to find ways to manage her time better so that she could work, but also have some regular time for herself. She also wanted to look at ways to manage her long-term health conditions and improve her health generally. 12 years ago,Sara was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, among other things, and had to give up work. Since she has become self-employed she finds it hard juggling working from home, as well as doing housework and taking care of her family. She was always extremely tired and sore towards the end of the day, leaving her with no energy to do the things she loves – leaving her both exhausted and emotional.


Through Resilience Coaching, she was able to challenge her mindset, noticing behavioural patterns that weren’t serving her well. After a few sessions, Sara was left feeling increasingly motivated. Her sleep improved, her energy levels went up and she was accomplishing a lot more than before, and still had some energy at the end of the day to enjoy family life.’

“I finished the sessions feeling more positive and certainly feeling like I had a much better outlook on life. Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to Resilience Coaching. I am sure the benefits of these sessions and the relaxation techniques you taught me will continue to improve my health (and timekeeping issues) as I go forward.” – Sara* (name changed for confidentiality)

How is your back today?

I had back problems since I was 19 due to fibromyalgia. At times this was almost crippling to the extent I was unable to sit down and work at an office desk for more than an hour without taking a ten-minute break. Of course, I tried a variety of doctors and countless therapies. But the one that finally started to really shift things was The Bowen Technique. I became a therapist in 2005 and love what I do. I also feel I do understand fatigue and pain and have no doubt that this is why I ended up becoming a therapist myself, when I experienced first hand how helpful it can be. Bowen therapy sessions offered at my clinic in Northiam, East Sussex.

The power of 'pause' 

The power of 'PAUSE' . When you next get frustrated or irritated remember to pause and take a few slow breaths to centre yourself before responding or making a decision. It is so easy to go into negative thinking, our brains are wired to to keep us safe but sometimes it gets out of control and we react too quickly. Centering yourself with some slow breaths will allow you to come back from a kinder, more compassionate place. Wishing you a lovely Monday. 


A little reminder to us all, including myself! as we all benefit from this now and then: The quickest way to deal with something stressful is to spend a few moments taking some gentle breaths making sure that our outbreath is slightly longer than our inbreath. This soothes the nervous system and brings a little calm into our mind and body. Why not try it now..


The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, starting at the base of the spine and running down both legs. Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve is compressed, which may be caused by a number of different problems such as muscle spasms in the buttocks, an injury or trauma to the area or a herniated disc. It tends to occur on one side and the pain is often worse in the limbs than in the lower back itself. Clients may experience sharp pains and/or dull continuous aching and often report burning sensations, pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness as well. In many cases, they also find it very difficult to find any comfortable position throughout the day or night!

Once again, Bowen, with its unique non-invasive and gentle approach, can be a key element to manage discomfort associated with sciatica. It is recommended to have 2-4 sessions but very often, symptoms may change as soon as during or after the first session or a few days later. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks if needed and many choose maintenance sessions of Bowen as part of their self-care routine.

I will also offer self-care advice as we work together and if necessary I will refer you to your GP if further investigation is needed.

Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Wellbeing Blog - Lisa Kossuth Natural Health Therapist & Coach
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa kossuth is a bowen therapist and resilience coaching helping people feel and move better
Lisa Kossuth Neal's Yard Organic Independent Consultant

I love high quality organic natural products that make us feel good inside and out, whilst at the same time protecting our beautiful planet. Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic is an award- winning company that offers a wide range of ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products that fit perfectly with my values and approach to health and well-being.


Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic feel and smell gorgeous and are a perfect way to treat yourself to bit of self-care in the comfort of your own home or as gifts to loved ones. You can try samples when you visit me for one of my therapies and I can offer a free mini hand massage using NYR Organic products. 


You can order direct via my Neal's Yard Remedies Organic website and it is delivered directly to you; remember you enjoy FREE delivery on orders over £45. There are also regular special offers through NYR Organic consultants. 

Lisa X

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