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14th June 2022
Those days when you are feeling blah...

Happy New Year to all in 2024!


Thank you to all of you who have followed and supported me over the last year and especially to you my clients who chose me to help support you on your journey to improving your health and wellbeing. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year Take care, Lisa X 


Looking after your lymphatic system

Bowen Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system which runs throughout our bodies. Its gentle movements encourage both flow and drainage and helps with the removal of toxins and re-absorption of inflammation and oedema within our bodies. Another great reason to choose Bowen Therapy for your self-care and wellbeing.


Thought of the day...

'If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing'. ~ Marc Chagall

This resonated recently when I was taking some time at the weekend to create a new painting. I realised that it always goes so much better when I do it according to what I feel is right for me rather than what I think or believe others expect or want of me.

It is a trap we all fall into at times and it is worth watching your thoughts if you are undertaking various tasks in your day that constantly leave you feeling a sense of overwhelm, drained of energy and even procrastinating over certain areas of your lifeWho are you doing it for? You or what you believe others expect of you? Or something else?

Resilience coaching can give you some real clarity on problem areas in your life and where they are coming from and support you to take steps that serve you better so you feel more positive and energised going forwards.



Do something nice for yourself.. 


 A gentle reminder to all of us... It is time to do something nice for yourself for 10 mins a day every day. It is not selfish to do this, it is self-care. By showing some kindness and love to yourself, it will boost your sense of wellbeing as it makes us feel more positive about the world around us and about ourselves. By filling your own cup first, you are then able to fill other’s around you without feeling so drained and then everyone will benefit. This could look like sitting in the morning sunshine, some breathwork, relaxing with your pet, reading your favourite book, a walk in nature, listening to a podcast or some music, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee – anything that brings you a little joy. Enjoy your week!



The power of 'calm'

Looking for peace and tranquillity? Time out to relax your nervous system? Bowen will do all this and more. The light touches of Bowen in a warm, sympathetic environment will help you relax and let your thoughts drift. The pauses in the treatment, designed to let your body catch up with the therapy, are also great moments for the mind.

Common symptoms that I am treating at the moment are neck and back pain. Why not book a session with me today? You can book one session at a time or book one of my packages which offer you a great discount. Don't wait till time looks after you - look after yourself now.


How is your back today?

I had back problems since I was 19 due to fibromyalgia. At times this was almost crippling to the extent I was unable to sit down and work at an office desk for more than an hour without taking a ten-minute break. Of course, I tried a variety of doctors and countless therapies. But the one that finally started to really shift things was The Bowen Technique. I became a therapist in 2005 and love what I do. I also feel I do understand fatigue and pain and have no doubt that this is why I ended up becoming a therapist myself, when I experienced first hand how helpful it can be. Bowen therapy sessions offered at my clinic in Northiam, East Sussex.

The power of 'pause' 

The power of 'PAUSE' . When you next get frustrated or irritated remember to pause and take a few slow breaths to centre yourself before responding or making a decision. It is so easy to go into negative thinking, our brains are wired to to keep us safe but sometimes it gets out of control and we react too quickly. Centering yourself with some slow breaths will allow you to come back from a kinder, more compassionate place. Wishing you a lovely Monday. 

Bowen therapist resilience and wellness coach  Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Lisa Kossuth wellbeing blog East Sussex
Bowen therapist resilience and wellness coach Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Resilience and Wellness Coach  Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Resilience and Wellness coach Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Resilience and Wellness Coach Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
Bowen therapist Resilience and Wellness Coach Lisa Kossuth East Sussex
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