14th June 2022
Those days when you are feeling blah...

August 2022 
Resilience Coaching for wellbeing 

Delighted to see my article on Resilience Coaching for your wellbeing in the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s magazine ‘The Wellness Room’ in July! @fht_media.

Here is an excerpt from this article; One of my clients, Sara*, wanted to find ways to manage her time better so that she could work, but also have some regular time for herself. She also wanted to look at ways to manage her long-term health conditions and improve her health generally. 12 years ago,Sara was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, among other things, and had to give up work. Since she has become self-employed she finds it hard juggling working from home, as well as doing housework and taking care of her family. She was always extremely tired and sore towards the end of the day, leaving her with no energy to do the things she loves – leaving her both exhausted and emotional.


Through Resilience Coaching, she was able to challenge her mindset, noticing behavioural patterns that weren’t serving her well. After a few sessions, Sara was left feeling increasingly motivated. Her sleep improved, her energy levels went up and she was accomplishing a lot more than before, and still had some energy at the end of the day to enjoy family life.’

“I finished the sessions feeling more positive and certainly feeling like I had a much better outlook on life. Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to Resilience Coaching. I am sure the benefits of these sessions and the relaxation techniques you taught me will continue to improve my health (and timekeeping issues) as I go forward.” – Sara* (name changed for confidentiality)

14th June 2022
Those days when you are feeling blah...

When we are feeling blah, it might be because we are avoiding difficult feelings such as feeling sad, lonely, hopeless, scared or insecure because we are disappointed, hurt, anxious or embarrassed and so on.

For instance, I am going to be honest and say that despite having a very good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling a bit blah this morning. I was part of an art open studios event this weekend and after a hugely successful open studio event last year, this weekend proved very quiet with very few visitors and so I spent three days in my studio and felt I could or should have done more to promote myself or something, anything!...

A positive I took from it was that I did get three days to draw and relax as there was little else I could do! 

So feeling a bit blah this morning, I took myself off for a lovely 7am walk, I also sat quietly in the sunshine for 20 mins afterwards and did some breathing exercises such as 5/9 (counting 5 on the in-breath and 9 on the out-breath) to relax me before taking time to be still and compassionately self-reflect. Bringing awareness helped me to see all the positives such as all the things I did do well, the visitors that did come who were very complimentary and so on.

To show myself self-compassion, I also treated myself to a coffee and read a good book for 10 mins. For me the next step I took was to ask myself ‘What is my next action going to be today?’ and from there my work day began at 9am in a much more positive way.

When the feelings of blah recede, we not only feel better, we often feel motivated again which is a healthier state to be in and helps us to feel hopeful going forwards. These are some ways to build our resilience and I am here to help and support you on your journey. Have a good week! X

25th May 2022 - How is your back today?

I had back problems since I was 19 due to fibromyalgia. At times this was almost crippling to the extent I was unable to sit down and work at an office desk for more than an hour without taking a ten-minute break. Of course, I tried a variety of doctors and countless therapies. But the one that finally started to really shift things was The Bowen Technique. I became a therapist in 2005 and love what I do. I also feel I do understand fatigue and pain and have no doubt that this is why I ended up becoming a therapist myself, when I experienced first hand how helpful it can be. Bowen therapy sessions offered at my clinic in Northiam, East Sussex.

17th - 19th June 2022
Opportunity to meet me!

When I am not giving Bowen treatments or Resilience Coaching, I love to draw and paint and I am exhibiting again this June 2022 with the South East Open Studios. My studio in Northiam, East Sussex will be open on the following days: 10-12 June & 17-19 June - 10am -4pm - come say hello!😀 For those interested in my Bowen Therapy & Resilience Coaching work - This is an opportunity to meet me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Please also feel free to call me for a free 20 mins chat to see how I can help you.

16th May 2022 - The power of 'Pause'

The power of 'PAUSE' . When you next get frustrated or irritated remember to pause and take a few slow breaths to centre yourself before responding or making a decision. It is so easy to go into negative thinking, our brains are wired to to keep us safe but sometimes it gets out of control and we react too quickly. Centering yourself with some slow breaths will allow you to come back from a kinder, more compassionate place. Wishing you a lovely Monday. Lisa.

10 March 2022 - Breathe

A little reminder to us all, including myself! as we all benefit from this now and then: The quickest way to deal with something stressful is to spend a few moments taking some gentle breaths making sure that our outbreath is slightly longer than our inbreath. This soothes the nervous system and brings a little calm into our mind and body. Why not try it now..

How is your back today.jpg
Image by Darius Bashar

7 March 2022 - Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, starting at the base of the spine and running down both legs. Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve is compressed, which may be caused by a number of different problems such as muscle spasms in the buttocks, an injury or trauma to the area or a herniated disc. It tends to occur on one side and the pain is often worse in the limbs than in the lower back itself. Clients may experience sharp pains and/or dull continuous aching and often report burning sensations, pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness as well. In many cases, they also find it very difficult to find any comfortable position throughout the day or night!

Once again, Bowen, with its unique non-invasive and gentle approach, can be a key element to manage discomfort associated with sciatica. It is recommended to have 2-4 sessions but very often, symptoms may change as soon as during or after the first session or a few days later. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks if needed and many choose maintenance sessions of Bowen as part of their self-care routine.

I will also offer self-care advice as we work together and if necessary I will refer you to your GP if further investigation is needed.

Image by NeONBRAND

15 February 2022 - The Power of Calm

Looking for peace and tranquillity? Time out to relax your nervous system? Bowen will do all this and more. The light touches of Bowen in a warm, sympathetic environment will help you relax and let your thoughts drift. The pauses in the treatment, designed to let your body catch up with the therapy, are also great moments for the mind.

Common symptoms that I am treating at the moment are neck and back pain. Why not book a session with me today? You can book one session at a time or book one of my packages which offer you a great discount. Don't wait till time looks after you - look after yourself now.