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My Story

I was in my 20's when I was wondering why I was suffering with constant back, neck and shoulder pain as well as brain fog and fatigue, which turned out to be Fibromyalgia. My journey to recovery began with using various complementary therapies, particularly The Bowen Technique. Through time I have not only found The Bowen Technique useful but these too: exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, creating a better work-life balance and building healthier relationships. 

My positive experience of complementary therapy led me to change career in 2005 and become a professional therapist specialising firstly in various forms of massage working alongside an osteopath where I further deepened my knowledge. Later I qualified as a professional Bowen Technique Therapist.

I have found being a fully qualified Resilience Coach a great asset to what I can offer my clients as there is often a link between our thoughts and what we are feeling both emotionally and physically. As part of the course, I experienced coaching first hand which gave me the tools and confidence to develop my artistic side and I now  participate in the annual South East Open Studios event in the UK, something I love being part of and never thought I could do. 

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I know how hard it can be at times when areas of our lives can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It could be health problems, working from home, starting a new business, managing the household, children, divorce, the menopause, relationships, work-life balance or a dozen other things and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. With 18 years experience as a hands-on remedial therapist, I have been helping people to feel and move better with The Bowen Technique. With Resilience & Wellness Coaching I can guide and support you to creating a life that works better for you.  

Of course, there are always ups and downs along the way as we can't always avoid the curve balls in life. However, by improving your health & wellbeing as well as your resilience, you will be able to handle setbacks with more flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to live a richer life with more confidence and joy. 



Lisa Kossuth Natural Health Therapist & Coach.
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