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 Lisa is a heart- warming coach full of empathy and openness - Shae

Resilience Coaching
£55 per session/1hr
£105 for a block of two sessions
£210 for a block of four sessions

£306 for a block of six sessions   
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Coaching for Resilience

Emotional resilience is the ability to recover from adversity such as difficult experiences and setbacks by adapting and moving forwards, which often leads to personal growth as well.


People with a healthy amount of emotional resilience have a more positive perspective of life enabling them to see problems as challenges rather than threats. By building your emotional resilience, you will be able to reduce your stress levels as well improve how your body reacts to stress, benefiting your health and well-being.


We all have emotional resilience, but in certain circumstances it may be lacking and then everything simply becomes too much, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stressed or despondent. This can often be attributed to a mindset or mentality that we have unconsciously adopted.


Resilience Coaching will help you to explore areas of your life that might be causing you to feel stuck. Having a healthy dose of emotional resilience is something that can touch all areas of our lives: work-life, home-life, relationships, health, changing career paths, facing retirement or starting your own business. 

My goal is to see you finding your joy and passion again as you start to feel empowered by learning to manage your stress factors. This often leads to us taking on difficult as well as rewarding challenges in life, leaving us feeling we have a true sense of purpose and fulfilment as our confidence and mental strength grow.


I work intuitively and my style is to be supportive, collaborative as well as compassionately challenging, helping you to keep on track with your progress.


Resilience coaching is delivered online via the usual platforms or over the phone; for those that choose to receive one of my therapies in my clinic, I also offer Resilience coaching face-to-face, which can be weaved into these. 

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