Resilience Coaching


I offer Resilience Coaching to explore areas that might be causing you to feel stuck. Reasons you might come to me are when you are looking at ways to improve your work-life balance, develop your creative side of life or strengthen your health and wellbeing. Improving these areas of our life positively affects our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. I work intuitively and my style is to be supportive, collaborative as well as compassionately challenging you.


Using powerful questioning as well as holding space for you to reflect, you will begin to explore and reveal your hidden strengths and resilience, which will help you navigate change. Resilience Coaching will also provide you with the psychological resources to support you going forwards so when things don’t go as planned, your ability to adapt and bounce back will be enhanced. We can't control change or when life throws us a curve ball, but we can always control how we respond to change.

 Lisa is a heart- warming coach full of empathy and openness - Shae

Resilience Coaching
£55 per session/1hr
£105 for a block of two sessions
£205 for a block of four sessions 

My aim is to help you enjoy better health and well-being. My ultimate goal is to see you finding your joy and passion again as you start to feel empowered by learning to manage your work-life balance, develop your creative side to feed your soul and strengthen your health and wellbeing. This often leads to us taking on difficult as well as rewarding challenges in life, leaving us feeling we have a true sense of purpose and fulfilment as our confidence and mental strength grow.

Resilience coaching is delivered online via the usual platforms or over the phone; for those that choose to receive one of my therapies in my clinic, I also offer Resilience coaching face-to-face, which can be weaved into a Bowen Therapy session. 

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- Improving your work-Life balance

- Developing your creative side 

- Strengthening your health and wellbeing